Highres Pack

3D Realms
The folks that made Duke Nukem 3D. Nothing more to say!

Homepage of the EDuke32 port. If you want to know more about its capabilities, this is your stuff.

Host of this web page. Duke Nukem fansite with news and resources for Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem Forever.

Duke4.net Forums
This is the place for any discussion on EDuke32, the HRP or any other Duke related topics. Especially interesting for people interested in retexturing/remodelling projects.

EDuke32 IRC Channel
If you want to chat directly with someone from the EDuke32 or HRP project teams, this is the place.

Duke Nukem Wiki: HRP
Info about the Highres Pack on the official Duke Nukem 3D Wiki.

SVN Download Guide
Information about how to download latest HRP snapshot from the SVN repository with the TortoiseSVN client.

"How to run Duke Nukem 3D on Windows 7/8"
PC Gamer article as a part of their Pixel Boost weekly series from May 14, 2015. Covers how to acquire Duke3D and how to make it work with the HRP.

"Duke Nukem 3D - Shooter from the first person"
Shekin posted this guide over at MintGuide.org on May 14, 2014 about how to install EDuke32 and the HRP on Linux Mint/Pinguy OS or other Ubuntu distributions.

"Duke Nukem 3D HRP: The Classic, Only Better"
Techgage article about the HRP by Rob Williams from November 16, 2012. Also features a video showcasing the first two shareware episode levels in HD.

DukeVR - Duke Nukem 3D for VR HMDs/Oculus Rift
Modified EDuke32 build to support VR HMDs and the Oculus Rift specifically. Currently only available for Windows.

Doom Highres Pack
Without Doom, there would have been no Duke Nukem 3D. Reason enough to mention Kurikai's great HRP project for id's legendary FPS here, too. Versions for several popular ports (Doomsday, GZDoom, Edge, Risen3D) are available.

EDuke32 Addon Compilation

Installing EDuke32 with Addons
Youtube video by Deadly Gaming LV from Aug 8, 2016, explaining how to install EDuke32 and the Addon Compilation. (Just don't install newer releases on top of outdated ones like he is doing at time index 4:30 - downloading latest version is enough.) For demonstration purposes, he is launching and playing Castle Dukenstein afterwards.


Version Control for Engineers (VCE)
If you don't like using TurtoiseSVN to get HRP snapshots, you can try this simple SVN client instead.

Download Roma Loom's Swiss Army Knife for handling groupfiles (*.GRP). Latest known version: build 09.28.2010

Free modelling software.

Free image editing software.

Optimizes PNG compression with "drag & drop" feature.